Monthly Reads: January 2017


It’s hard to admit, but I haven’t really read much during January. I don’t think it’s that bad, though. The articles will be there for a long time, and I proved myself insensitive to FOMO. My sources of education were (as always) fellow developers’ code and thinking about implementation of my own parts of work project, and I believe sometimes that’s better than any amount of blog consumption. I’ll just let you know what particular websites I keep in bookmarks.

Smashing Magazine

I believe this one is the most popular one. I like diversity of topics and daily updates that make Smashing Magazine an ideal site to start my day with.


The number of tech posts hosted on Medium is huge, and many of front-end celebrities are there. Some of the most important discussions in our field started on Medium in 2016 (I’m thinking about “JavaScript Fatigue” and “Breaking the Internet”), and the platform will surely grow. I like the “related reads” feature that enables me to keep reading for a long time.


I can’t imagine my next job without company subscription of Safari Books Online :) This is the source of classics like “The Clean Code” or “Don’t Make Me Think”, as well as fresh books about JavaScript, designing web forms, project management etc. I don’t mind long reads, and I only regret that my queue grows faster than I can clear it. I think I’ll check out the video learning paths, too!

A List Apart

This online magazine also has its merits (Responsive Web Design, anyone?), and I like its “exclusive”, illustrated form and well-thought pieces.

The CodePen Spark

The CodePen newsletter launched on December 5th, 2016 and I like it not only showcases outstanding pens, but also tells about fresh ideas in front-end/UI field.