This page serves as a central “hub” for my projects, whether the “project” is a website, open source library or other venture. Most recently updated things go first on the list.

React Data Grid Multiline Header

Open source helper class for React Data Grid component that enables multiline text in grid header cells.

Cinema Citizen

Web application for planning movie marathons, developed for myself since 2013. Although it never gained traction, it’s fun to work on from time to time and also a nice piece in my programming portfolio (open source on GitLab).


JavaScript library for generating background, used on this very website.


(Polish) Online archive of first and biggest zin about parkour discipline. 17 issues from 2005-2008.


(Mixed Polish and English) Website of amateur film group I founded in 2007. Very nostalgic one, with nice timeline browser (most of videos available to watch!) and deeply nested personal “artsy” portfolio and CV.