Monthly Reads: December 2016


One of my New Year’s resolutions is to read & learn about the technology on a regular basis. I hope this blog series will help me achieving the goal. While the December hasn’t been education-heavy time for me, there’s always some sources worth sharing. Have a happy 2017!

GPU Animation: Doing It Right (article by Sergey Chikuyonok)

A piece about optimizing CSS animations, with great both theoretical explanations of compositing, and practical advice and case study. The best thing about this article is it encouraged me to “know my tools”, in this case to think about inner workings of web browser. In a long run, this matters more than memorizing various coding “tricks”.

Autofill (part of HTML Standard)

After discovering this part of standard, I feel I underestimated reading the language specs! This specific section describes how to setup your form fields for built-in browser autocompletion. This is especially useful for address and billing information and encouraged by Google Developers blog for speeding up form completion.

Searching for a Better Search (article by Hill Holliday)

In this case study, we can read about how search feature can be useful in a relatively small website and how to make it attractive for the visitors thanks to analytics data.