On salary negotiating and reaching "prostitute milestone" number one


TL;DR: After 5 years of job hopping advancement, I’m finally making as much (per hour) as entry level hooker. Read on to find why I prefer not negotiating the rate, and what would be my next professional target.

New opportunity ahead

I’m soon landing a new job in front-end development field, which both parties honestly hope to hold for a longer time. It’s going to be closer to my ideal of “the final workplace” (I’m planning to tell about the concept in the future).

For the first time, during recruitment I was asked about my “frequent” employer changes. I realized (and answered) that they were mainly driven by salary increase, yet I usually haven’t tried to make then-current company outbid the prospect one. I think such approach is good for the following reasons:

Friendship with React is over. Now Angular is my best friend!

Definition of “prostitute milestone”

We have “cosmic velocities” that indicate different speeds required to “beat” gravitation. Inspired by the physics term, I’m introducing two theorems of becoming rich. The first one goes like this:

If you earn at least the same hourly rate as a low-end sex worker, congratulations - you’ve reached The Prostitute Milestone Number One (courtesy of Michał Gurbiel).

What next?

I’m looking forward to getting to the second tier, which would be making as much per man-day as an average hooker asks for the all-nighter. It’s not that far away, although it will require running some side business. Let’s meet there :)