Michał Gurbiel
+48 607 349 663
Łódź, PL
I do quality front-end web development. My experience evolved from "for fun" projects to professional activities in time and has always been powered by will of creation.


  • Modern JavaScript ★ ES2015+, SPA, React, Redux, AngularJS, Gulp
  • UI Development HTML5, Sass, RWD, Material-UI, BEM
  • Server-side REST API, Laravel, PHP, Python
  • Tool belt Git, CLI

Working experience

2018 - present: Front-end developer, Bank Pekao SA (Łódź, PL)

2017 - 2018: Front-end developer, GFT (Łódź, PL)

  • Building HR process application with React and Sass
  • Developing option trading strategy application with React

2016 - 2017: Front-end developer, HPE / DXC Technology (Łódź, PL)

  • Implementation of online banking application with AngularJS and Sass
  • Fixing web accessibility issues (focusing JAWS screen reader)
  • Developing data-heavy van factory logistics application with Angular

2013 - 2015: Front-end developer, Roche (Poznań, PL)

  • Design and implementation of intranet application "WebIT" with Bootstrap, Kendo UI and AngularJS
  • Modular CSS3/JS development in Adobe CQ/AEM environment

2012 - 2013: Front-end/Python developer, Softax (Warsaw, PL)

  • Cross-browser CSS/JS development of online banking systems
  • Finance application programming in IAS 2.0 Python framework

2012 - 2012: Front-end developer, Webventure (Lublin, PL)

  • XHTML/CSS coding with OPT and Smarty template engines
  • Testing using jMeter, Selenium IDE and manual "black box" approach

2011 - 2014: Full stack web developer, Licytujkase.pl (Lublin, PL)

Teamed up with friend to create new "All-pay" website, I was solely responsible for graphic design and PHP/MySQL script behind the innovative auction engine.


2004 - 2007: Editor-in-chief, e-Parkour online magazine

As a teenager, I ran the first and largest Polish zin about parkour discipline, featured on wp.pl portal and global UrbanFreeflow community. And yes, I coded it.


  • Independent
  • Creative
  • Quick learner


  • Filmmaking See the showreel of my video pieces from 2007-2010
  • Vintage music