Monthly Reads: January 2017

It’s hard to admit, but I haven’t really read much during January. I don’t think it’s that bad, though. The articles will be there for a long time, and I proved myself insensitive to FOMO. My sources of education were (as always) fellow developers’ code and thinking about implementation of my own parts of work project, and I believe sometimes that’s better than any amount of blog consumption. I’ll just let you know what particular websites I keep in bookmarks. Continue reading Monthly Reads: January 2017

My year away from full-time web development work

On 1st February 2015, I started my long-awaited holiday, which lasted a whole year. Almost an another year since I’m back to “normal” life, I’m recalling the nice moments and would like to tell about the experience, and how such long “gap year” affected me as front-end developer. Continue reading My year away from full-time web development work

Enhance your media with Canvas Over technique

Web is full of images. They serve as background, supplement our content or are put in the center of attention. A well-known technique for making media more engaging, especially in the background, is parallax scrolling. It adds some joy to the experience through spectacular motion. In this article, I’m going to explore another trick for enhancing pictures on the web, which I call Canvas Over.

The idea is very simple: we put <canvas> element on top of <img> and draw on it. How it’s supposed to improve the experience? Let’s dive into examples! Continue reading Enhance your media with Canvas Over technique